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We supply duplex and triplex chains as pre-set lengths to suit your machine.
We have initiated a new way to buy in which bikes are listed by make model and year you select your machine and buy the chain. Remember, if your bike has been modified the chaiin length may be different. If in doubt contact us by email or phone. 
It may be a good idea to count the number of links in your chain and cross check with our listing.

Normal simplex chain is supplied by the link.  To select the length you want set the number in the "buy" box to the number of links you need. eg for a 70 link chain set the buy box to 70. when you go to "view cart" you will see the cost of the chain.

Whilst it is not logical a link is, by convention, one roller.

We supply a connecter link with each chain.  This may be a soft rivet link or a spring link to your preference.  If you select a rivet link the chain may be endless if you wish though you should note that it  may not be possible to fit an endless chain so please check first.