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BSA A65 Lightning 1971/2, Amal concentric carburettor ,

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Carburettor for BSA A65 Lightning ,     Firebird Scramblers 1971/2   

Amal Mk1 concentric

Spec    R930/70


Choke  30mm

Main Jet     200

Pilot jet      622/107

Needle jet   106

Needle position  1

Air valve        3

We supply Amal concentric carburettors to your specification at prices lower than the makers own price

Sizes 900 series concentric carburettors are also available in the following sizes  28mm & 30mm

These are Genuine Amal carburettors made in England by Amal who are now a part of Burlen fuel systems.  .

We supply the carburettors ready to fit and jetted to:-

A/   The specification you request


B/   The specification in Amal applications listings.

Amal carburettors are supplied to order.  As we are unable to keep every Amal part in stock and may have to order the odd item in.  We expect to dispatch your carburettor within 3 working days. 

NOTE - If you want a concentric carburettor to replace an earlier type eg. 376 this is generally possible where the motorcycle model was produced before and after the change of carburettor types.  In other cases it is not possibe to guarantee that any particular set up will be right for the machine.  In such cases you will need to choose a "Best guess" spec and then refine the set up using the makers which are  instructions suppled with the carburettor